More Doctors Trips and Tests

This may be gross for you to read about, but I’m going to write about it anyway. It’s been eleven weeks since we lost our precious baby girl. Usually after having a baby, or losing a baby, a mom will bleed for up to six weeks, as her body heals and returns to “normal”. Mine hasn’t stopped.

I started tracking bleeding and spotting, as well as Basal Body Temperature and other reproductive symptoms. I started tracking on December 18th and since then I have had a grand total of six days without at least spotting. It’s getting really annoying.

I have been to see my family doctor and he wasn’t able to give me any answers or prescribe anything to stop the bleeding. He did offer me to go on the Pill, if the bleeding is due to my hormones being all wacky then the pill could work as a reset. It wouldn’t be instantaneous though and I hate the way the Pill makes me feel. If I’m going to experience mood swings and feel insane, I want it to be productive at least and as David and I still would like to grow our family, the Pill seems counter productive. Plus, we still don’t even know if the bleeding is hormonal.

When I’m done writing this today I’m going to get blood taken, to see if there are answers there. It seems silly to me that when the issue is bleeding I’m going to give more blood… But that’s medicine. Tomorrow I go for an ultrasound, and it will hopefully show if there was something left over in my uterus causing the bleeding. The doctor doesn’t think I’ll need a D&C procedure, he said that if I did this far out I’d probably have a fever and or severe cramping.

He’s also referring me to another doctor and to a new fertility specialist closer to home.

So, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m glad that it’s being taken seriously. I’m hopeful that soon I’ll have answers and more importantly soon I’ll stop bleeding.

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