Mindful Eating – week one

I’m using MyFitnessPal to track my food. I’m not paying attention to my calorie count yet as my goal for this week is simply to track what I put in my mouth, and hopefully make better choices able what I’m eating.

I weighed myself first thing in the morning today,  and Mondays will be my official weigh in day.
I tried to pack myself a good lunch, and got my coffee. I am pleased with how many of my foods are easy to find with the app. Figuring out how much my servings are is a little more difficult.
I’m not really going to care about calorie counting so much as sugar control. I feel like I did a pretty good job with that today.

I cut down on my coffee consumption slightly this morning. Instead of an extra large I had a large.
I actually had fun tracking today and finding out different things that the app can show me. I like the pie chart and the breakdown of my daily nutrition. I’m really glad I take a multivitamin, because I have a hard time getting potassium apparently.
I did okay with my sugars/carbs, but I think I can do better.

Today my sugar/carb consumption was high: 51%. Oh well. This week is about tracking and being mindful. And I remember from all of my previous times losing weight that it’s okay to have a bad food day, or make a less healthy choice sometimes. The trick is to not let that snowball. Eat your oatmeal with chocolate chips, and move on! Make sure the next choice is a good one.
I’m still not getting enough potassium or iron. I didn’t get much vitamin C today either.

I definitely went way over on calories today. BUT I did better keeping my carbs down. I also got a lot more calcium and potassium. I have been consistently getting only two thirds of my daily requirement of iron.
Tracking is still going well, and I am trying to make good choices. I have to remember to track first and then eat. That way I can say “oh, maybe I should choose something else” instead of “oops, I guess I shouldn’t have eaten that”.

I started tracking in the morning and I tracked throughout most of the day. I didn’t stick to the food I had brought with me to work, and by the time I was out with friends in this evening I was already out of calories according to my tracker. I didn’t track anything that I ate or drank tonight.
We call this a write off.
Everything in moderation, even moderation.

I don’t feel bad about yesterday, I just feel like I have to do better at tracking and making good choices today… Which will be hard because we have a family get together in a few hours and I know there are going to be yummy sweets.
I know I’m going to go over calories and that my carbs are going to be high. My goal is to track all of it, and portion control: Only one helping of desert.
I’m really proud of myself, I didn’t eat any chips, I had a good helping of veggies and chicken at dinner, and I didn’t go too overboard at dessert. And aside from two coffees, I only had water to drink.

Today I didn’t track. I didn’t eat great either. It was a bit of a fail food wise… But I had a really good day with my cousin! And tomorrow is a new day.
We shall see how that weigh in goes… I’m not expecting any weight loss this week.

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