Mindful Eating – week two

My goal right now is 35% fat, 35% protein and 30% carbs. We’ll see how it goes.

I weighed myself this morning and I was up one pound. While I was disappointed, I wasn’t surprised.
Today I did okay with food… Until dinner. Calamari and Baked Mac’N’Cheese with bacon. I didn’t even track it… Because I didn’t have the nutrition facts.

*I did track it on Tuesday. I just searched through the app to find something comparable.

imageToday I got the closest to my calorie count so far… Only 72 calories over.
I tried to make good choices all day and for the most part I tracked before I ate. I even helped with dinner. I cooked button mushrooms and red and yellow peppers with garlic and oregano in olive oil. David made steak and asparagus.
I’m happy with the amount of protein I got today. I could have done a bit better with my carbs and protein, but I hit my fat goal so that’s pretty good.

I did a good job today of tracking and planning before eating. I made good choices at work and refrained from the temptation of oatmeal with chocolate chips.
In the evening we got some very sad news, and after that I got some junk food for David and I. I ended up 414 calories over my goal.

imageBy noon today all is had was a cup of coffee.
I weighed myself today even though Monday is my official weigh in day… Today I’m down 5lbs. I know weight fluctuates throughout the week, so this weight doesn’t matter as much as Monday’s will.
I’m concerned about my ability to track and make good choices over the next little while as we deal with a very difficult loss.

On first morning I did my best to track what I ate on Thursday. I consumed double my calorie goal.

Well, I tracked today… And I started with a heavy breakfast. Even though I haven’t been mindful about what I chose to eat, instead defaulting to comfort foods, I’m glad I’m still tracking. I was 1105 calories over today.

I didn’t track today. I didn’t make good choices and we had a lot of other stuff going on. :-(

Again I didn’t track. I’m going to try and get back on good footing tomorrow.

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