Mindful Eating – week three

Weighing in this week I was actually down a pound! So I guess my mindful eating at the start of the week was good! I hope to be able to get back to that this week. The second half of last week was really quite emotional and a struggle even outside of eating, and making mindful decisions definitely took a back seat to eating for comfort.

screenshot_2016-03-08-21-34-15.pngAfter my last post I got some feedback from people, who were excited to hear about my journey and who had questions about the myfitnesspal app. One question I got was whether the app tracked anything else or just the carbs, fat and protein. That’s not all it tracks, it actually can give you a “nutritional information” label for yourself for the day. I think that is pretty cool. It has shown me that I’m pretty bad about getting enough protein and potassium in my diet.

On the website there is a place to create a recipe, and once the recipe is created you can track a portion of that recipe, or the entire thing in the app. It’s also saved for the next time you want to make it or eat it. I do wish that you could make a recipe from in the app… Maybe they’ll have that in a future release.

screenshot_2016-03-07-22-55-07.pngI started off strong, I made my breakfast and lunch, tracking it all as I put it into my lunch box. I was pretty proud of myself that I had kept my carbs pretty low, and I had a decent amount of calories left for a sensible dinner. BUT what I hadn’t counted on was there was dinner provided at a work meeting… Perogis, crab filled crepes, desserts… Oh, I did eat a bit of salad. And then I had a not so mindful snack when I got home: Wendy’s chicken nuggets. Only a 5 piece though.

My belly did not like me after all that food. Urgh. Not fun.

Needless to say, I’m over my calories for the day. And here’s my pie chart…

screenshot_2016-03-08-21-30-45.pngThis morning I was pretty tired. I just wanted to stay in bed. I actually asked David if he’d be willing to pack up some stuff for my lunch while I got ready so that I could cuddle with him for a few more minutes. He agreed! I didn’t realize just how much he packed for me when I stopped at Tim’s and picked up a chili for lunch. I did make a mindful choice by asking for no bun with my chili.

I had a good amount of calories left for dinner, and after work my amazing hubby and I went to the grocery store together. I decided that I’d like to try making stuffed peppers for dinner. I picked a low carb stuffed pepper recipe from Pinterest and added quinoa to it. I’m petty proud of myself for making this dinner and it actually tasted pretty good!

I also made some “cheese chips” and I ate a couple as a “midnight snack”. They were yummy too. AND I’m at my calorie goal for the day. What what!

2016-03-14 14.46.12 Today I woke up on the carb side of the bed. I was craving carbs hard. I knew even while I was packing my mindful lunch that my will power wasn’t with me.
I went to Tim’s over my lunch break for a second coffee. I had a headache I couldn’t kick.
When I got home I wanted DQ. There was a note waiting for me that I had a package at the post office. David said after we picked up the package of I still wanted DQ we could go. The package was unexpected… It was from Nestlé and it was a bunch of baby stuff. Like a sucker punch to the gut.
So dinner was DQ and desert was Arby’s.

Becaus2016-03-14 14.47.09e of running around to doctors appointments, breakfast was at Tim’s: I had a bagel with butter, and a decaf coffee. And for lunch we were at a pub. I got a burger with no bun, and onion rings and I drank an unsweetened herbal tea. That put me over my calorie goal.

We had dinner with my sister and when she asked me what I wanted I said “Carb-light”. I have heard that the potassium in spinach is hard for our bodies to process, but if you eat it with a citrus that helps to “unlock it”. (I’m sorry, I can’t link to the source of that info, it was word of mouth.) So we had rotisserie chicken, and build-your-own salad. I went heavy on the spinach over the iceberg and romaine lettuce. I added orange peppers, tomato, celery, mandarin oranges and feta cheese. I had wanted avocado too, but my sister has never bought one before and the one she got was about as hard as a baseball.  David muscled it open and we tried to bake it to make it edible… It was not good!


2016-03-14 14.47.18Today I really tried to get back on track. I brought my lunch to work, I packed it mindfully and I am happy with the choices I made in that regard. When I got to work I was overwhelmed by the delicious smell of freshly baked banana bread, a common Friday treat. I know I shouldn’t have, but I sliced off a nice chunk and om-nom-nomed it. Oh, it was delicious!

I didn’t let that derail the day though. I had a coffee while picking up my mom for the weekend and dropping off my sister for a weekend away. Then dinner was steak and asparagus, courtesy of my amazingly wonderful hubby.

I’m super happy with how low my carbs are for today.


2016-03-14 14.49.53I tried making quinoi like oatmeal this morning, on the suggestion of a friend, she said it was really good.  I must have done it wrong. Sadly, after a few bites I green binned it. Ick.

We tried going to a Sugar Bush, but today being the first Saturday of March Break, yeah… That didn’t work. We took my mom to a store that sold solid wood furniure, she loves shopping. Then we went to Picard’s Peanuts. Oh, there are so many things in there that are so tempting! I let myself sample one thing: Bavarian Beer Nuts. Yummy!

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and I grabbed the stuff needed to make Avocado Brownies. They turned out alright… I’d like them a little sweeter, and David thought they could be chocolatier, and my mom thought they could be moister. But on the whole, for a healthy snack that is full of vitamins and protein, it’s pretty good!

I splurged on McNuggets for lunch, no pop, and no fries while mom and I were waiting for photo prints to be ready.

We had stuffed peppers again tonight. When I made them earlier this week I froze the extra stuffing to make more when mom was here.

I made cheese chips (grated cheese baked in the oven) for a “midnight snack”. Mom and David enjoyed them.


2016-03-14 14.49.59I ate 2 avocado brownies for breakfast. They tasted better today! I also had a banana. I checked it first to make sure it wasn’t blac2014-07-16 10.31.46k inside. I stopped trusting bananas after I found three over the course of about a year with black, slightly crunchy centres that tasted like death. Only very recently have I started trying them again. I was two years banana free. Bananas are pretty yummy when they’re not trying to kill you. And they have that good for you potassium in them.

Lunch was Chicken Tornadoes: bacon wrapped chicken breast, with a salad. We put pictures on the wall today, we’ve been in this apartment for a year now. I guess it was time

I had some Bavarian Beer Nuts while waiting for dinner at my sister’s house. We played Pandemic with a couple of my nephews, it’s a pretty good game! It’s a co-operative game, so either everyone wins or everyone loses. We played twice and lost twice.

Dinner was chicken again and broccoli and carrots. My sister also had warmed up some left over lasagna, and although I love ‘Zag’, I didn’t eat any of it.

I ate some banana chips while playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes before bed.

Monday Morning

I weighed myself this morning and I am DOWN 3 POUNDS! That feels pretty good.

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