The Return of Goodbye Sol

It’s been a while since David and I sat down together to write a page of our story. There were events that pulled us away from this creative outlet, but today we actually took the time to sit down together and write.

I love the way that co-writing just works so naturally for us. I started the page and David jumped in and continued from there so I jumped down to the next plot point, and then I got stuck so he finished it and I went back up to the top to read through the page and fixed some stuff here and there. Then we did a read through and the odd pages are mine to read aloud and David followed along tweaking it based on how I read it.

For us this is a typical way of pumping out 1200ish words in under an hour. We usually have some music on, we converse a little about what we’re want to do with that part of the story and we get down to it.

It’s such a fun process. It’s neat to see how we can together create something so seamless based on both of our imaginations. I have had a lot of people tell me that they couldn’t imagine attempting something like this with their significant other, and I feel so blessed that David and I work so well together in this way.

I’m so glad we got back into Goodbye Sol today. I have missed this.

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