Happy Third Anniversary of Blogging

Today I got an alert from WordPress that I have had this blog for three years now.

I didn’t know then what I would end up using it for. At the start most of my blog posts were password protected. I didn’t share much with the world besides movie reviews. I don’t know quite when the shift happened, but I know that I made a conscious decision to write openly and honestly about subjects that I felt didn’t get enough light on them. I have also used my blog to showcase the writing that David and I do together.

I am really happy that I started this blog three years ago on the suggestion of my then fiancee. I’m glad that I can go back and see different snippets and vignettes of my life. Relive some good times I may have forgotten, and hold on to the importance of some of the most life changing and unforgettable moments of my life.

In the past three years I have published 233 blog posts including this one. I have let so many people into my life, I have opened up doors for conversations about some of the hardest stuff to talk about. Through my writing I have met some amazing people who have become great friends even though we have never met face to face!

It’s been quite the ride these past three years, and if I had known when I started this blog what I know now I would do it all again… But with one change.

I’d write more.

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