PCOS: Recent Tests and New Hope

A couple of weeks back I went in for a Sono and HSG. The Sono was at the fertility clinic and was a little messy and left me feeling uncomfortable for a while. That test checks the shape of the uterus by inflating it with saline. They also checked for scar tissue and other damage, and everything looks nice and healthy.

The next test was the HSG and I had it done a week after the Sono. It was done at the hospital. I got to go to a brand new hospital in the area, and it was pretty swanky. It looked more like a mall than a hospital. We parked in the covered parking lot, and went over to the doors to the elevator. David first tried to pull the door open and then we realized there was a very small sign, made with a label maker that said “push” just above the handle of the door. We both giggled about how it was whispering.

In the building itself, there was a piano in a big open area and then a bunch of stores down the hallway to Diagnostic Imaging. The waiting room in this area was nice. It was bright and clean with comfortable chairs and a lot of art. They took me and three other ladies also there for HSGs into a smaller waiting room, with no windows and close walls. One of the other girls was freaking out, worried about the procedure, worried about how much it would hurt. I explained to her what was involved and how it would feel… I had these tests done a year ago too. The HSG uses an X-Ray and radioactive dye. It checks the Fallopian tubes and the general shape of the uterus. The cool thing about the X-Ray room was that there was a screen where I could see the X-Ray as it was happening, so I could see what the doctor could see. Pretty cool!

Anyways, after the tests everything looks good and we are cleared to try again!

I’ve also been going for cycle monitoring and it looks like the Letrozole is working, although it might be working slowly. I have to go back in for another check tomorrow morning.

I’m feeling pretty hopeful at this point, though I am trying to keep a level head about the whole thing. Trying to temper hopes and fears.

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