My New Boss

Now that I’m off work, I’ve been wondering if I’m going to run out of things to keep me occupied. David and I have wanted to dedicate more time to writing and to promoting our books, but we have been so busy. So now that I’m off work to focus on baking BabyBee, it seems like I will have time to devote to getting Peralty Publishing out there for people to see.

I’m not always great at the follow-through, especially when it’s stuff I’m doing for myself. David knows this about me and every time we would talk about me taking over trying to market our products, I would explain that I had no idea where to even start. David is good at follow-through with everything, and he’s really good at making a plan and sticking to it. He also has experience with project management. So, we started talking about the possibility of David setting me up on a project management system called Freedcamp, and managing the project of keeping me on task to promote Peralty Publishing, and our books.

Well, this week he did it! Right now there are Project management26 projects in Freedcamp, and 25 of them are assigned to me. The other one is for David to do because it’s less complicated for him to do it than to teach me. Today I actually started looking over the tasks he assigned to me. I like that you can set priorities for tasks and comment on them and change the status to show that something is in progress.

So far I have completed two of the tasks. I created a twitter account @PeraltyPublish, and I followed 50 people. I’m looking forward to doing more of the things on the list, especially the writing tasks, though some of them seem a little overwhelming right now like making a Web MD type page for BCD, a disease that one of the characters in Goodbye Sol has. Another one that I feel is a little daunting right now is the one about writing a short story all on my own. I know that together David and I are better than just me on my own.

And while other tasks definitely are going to take me out of my comfort zone, I’m interested to see what the final outcome will be.

Now it’s time for me to shamelessly plug our word baby business. You can check out the website for Peralty Publishing here, our facebook page here, and you can follow us (me on twitter: @PeraltyPublish – Annie Peralty.

I really hope my new boss is happy with the work I’ve done/am doing. Even though this isn’t a payed job right now, I do hope that eventually my work will lead to some more book sales.

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