Bee’s Story – Our Ninth Week

img_20160617_212031_403000.pngFriday I started my new job of trying to do more promoting of Second Class Supers and Goodbye Sol. I set up a twitter account and started contacting editors on Reedsy.  I felt like it was a pretty productive day and I really felt like working from home might actually work for me. If nothing else, it was keeping me busy!

I took my baby bump day picture that evening. I still can’t believe how good I have been feeling physically so far in this pregnancy. It’s still such a different experience than with Lily. I’m not saying it’s a better pregnancy. There were definitely arguments both ways, but it is like every fibre of my being is saying this time is different.

Saturday I went to Toronto to visit an old friend of mine. I brought my niece along to try and fins stuff to make a nice blingy belt for her prom dress. We met up at my friend’s house and from there went downtown. We decided to go for brunch. There was this little restaurant that had good brunch and a neat atmosphere, with books sitting around for you to read, and it was close to the stores that we were going to check out. We decided to brunch there. When we got there and looked at the menu, it seemed the place had changed. There was no brunch items. Just pub food. My friend asked for a coffee, and the waiter said they only had cold drinks. We all exchanged glances but decided to stay and eat there anyway. I had fish’n’chips for brunch, my niece had poutine and my friend had a burger. Good brunch food…? We found ribbon and bling that made my niece quite happy, then went and got beverages from a coffee place. I got a chocolate milkshake type thing. It was nice seeing my friend, I need to see her more often!

That night I hand stitched the blingy applique 20160618_201153.jpgonto the ribbon while laying on the couch.  David and I watched some of That 70s Show, The IT Crowd and a movie about submarines with Kelsey Grammer in it while I sewed. I had to take a break here and there because it was making me crosseyed. I was pretty happy with how the belt turned out. The burgundy ribbn was a perfect match for my niece’s dress.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and David and I had a special day to celebrate him.

Monday I spent the day inside. I did some work like I mentioned before. I also crocheted, and probably napped.

Tuesday I had made plans to go sit on the beach with a friend who is also preggers, but when I woke up that morning it felt like I had been shot right above my right eye and that my brain had exploded out the back of my skull. It sucked and the only thing I could take was Tylenol, which doesn’t work for me. I drank some Coke with the Tylenol hoping that would help the pain killer kill my pain. It didn’t. I ended up feeling nauseous, and having really bad intestinal cramps, and many trips to the washroom, but no throwing up. I thought it was either morning sickness, or a bug. Either way, I really couldn’t believe that through all that cramping and what small amount of nourishment I’d had that Bee could be okay!


There’s Bee! Pretty much dead center of the image. Head to the left, bum to the right.

Wednesday I woke up feeling worlds better! We went to the fertility clinic to see Doctor H, and to have another ultrasound done. There was Bee, safe and sound! Wiggling around! David got to see some good wiggles and the ultrasound tech pointed out different features of our baby for him. When I got to see Bee, I got to see  some little bum wiggles! it was the most adorable thing! Bee had a good strong heartbeat of 164bpm, and was measuring right on track still for a due date of Jan 28th. So, after three ultrasounds telling me that I was wrong, I decided to concede that my due date must be the 28th and not the 26th. So from here on out I’ll be taking my bump day pictures, and posting my week by weeks on Saturdays, since that’s the official start of my next week.  There was evidence of a slow bleed still just under the placenta, probably leftover from the burst blood vessel a couple of weeks back. The doctor wasn’t too concerned, so I won’t be either. I have continued to have a small amount of brown spotting and this explains it.

I also talked to Doctor H about scheduling the Harmony blood test that checks for chromosomal issues like Down Syndrome and can accurately identify the gender of the baby. We are getting that done on July 5, when we are 10w3d. We should have the results back about ten days after that. We are going to reveal the gender to David’s family first since they are farther away and my family will get a lot more firsts. So when we find out the gender, David will find out, and not tell me (I can’t keep a secret to save my life!), and I will find out with his family when we are there on the weekend of the 23rd. We also have our Neuchal Translucency scan booked for July 15th. Since we don’t know when the cerclage will be yet, I might be stitched by then, or I might not. If I am stitched already then they will just take longer and to an abdominal only NT scan. I may need to get up a few times and dance around a bit to get Bee in the right position for the shots they’ll need, but we’ll do what we have to do.

Thursday I went out to a farm with my oldest friend. She was weeding pollinator gardens for bees, while I sat and lay down in the shade eating cheese and fancy crackers. It was super peaceful up there, with a gentle breeze and the sounds of birds chirping. The fresh air felt nice and I suddenly realized that it felt nice to be out of the house on a week day and not going to the doctor’s! That afternoon I took a nap at my sister’s house before picking David up from work.

Friday I went to my work to drop off some stuff I still had at home that belonged there and to pick up stuff I had left there before my sudden transfer and departure. I decided to go on a Friday morning because the custodian, who is one of the nicest ladies on the planet, makes banana bread for the staff on Fridays. It’s SO GOOD! I went before the official start of the day, and swapped the things around. I got to talk to a bunch of my coworkers, and update them on how I’ve been doing. I got a lot of hugs, and it felt really good to be able to say a proper goodbye instead of the way things had been left.

On my way home, I realized that I didn’t want to just go back to the apartment and spend the day sitting on the couch. I needed to be around people. I needed a change of scenery! Having been out the day before, and then being at work even for that short period of time, I needed more! I’m an extrovert. I need that stimulation. I’m not good at being cooped up, and even though we’ve been doing stuff on weekends, the majority of my time has been spent with only David. That’s not a bad thing! I just need people sometimes, not just person. So, I called my niece. We went to a Starbucks and then to a Babies R Us. Then I went back to my sister’s house, watched two of my nephews play a board game for a while, helped my sister and brother in law make lunch. After that my sister, mom and I sat with our feet in the pool just chatting for quite a while.

All in all, I think it was a good week. We will be going in for another ultrasound on July 2nd, when Bee will officially be 10 weeks along. This ultrasound will be done at the hospital instead of the fertility clinic and it is in preparation for my cerclage. The hospital’s rules are different, but I really hope I’ll be able to have David in there with me.


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