PCOS: Pregnancy Hair

I’m hairy. It’s just another of the many ways I seem to be a poster child for PCOS. Before I got pregnant, I had this crazy notion that with all the pregnancy hormones coursing through my body my unsightly facial hair would just go away as my body realized “oh hey, I’m a woman!”

Well, that’s not the case. if anything the pregnancy hormones make the hair grow in thicker and in a higher volume. I noticed this both when I was pregnant with Lily and again this time with Bee. The real kicker is that when I’m not pregnant I have the time and more importantly the energy to take care of it and keep the hair under control, but when I’m pregnant, I get so tired of the plucking and the maintenance of it.

The worst part is, it’s my face. It’s not like if I don’t shave my legs for a while where I can just wear pants to hide it. It’s my face.

There are some women with PCOS who find that their hairiness¬† symptom does ease up during pregnancy, but the vast majority are like me and it’s only more unsightly. Pregnancy hormones also make it more difficult to deal with because there is an irrational amount of sadness and self consciousness that I feel when I see the hair on my face and that makes it feel harder to deal with too.

But even with the extra hair, I have to say that when my belly gets to the point where it’s obviously a baby bump, I have never felt more beautiful in my life. I love my baby bump and how amazing it is that my body is holding and sustaining another life in there.

2 thoughts on “PCOS: Pregnancy Hair

  1. I have the same issue with my PCOS. I hear about all these women with glowing skin and I.. am just not one of them. If anything blemishes and skin conditions & hair growth have all gotten much worse since I’ve been pregnant. The baby bump does help balance out the sad though for sure! :)

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