Bee’s Story – Who is BabyBee?

Last Tuesday (August 3rd) David found out from Doctor H if we were having a boy or a girl. We decided a while back that David would find out first because I can’t keep secrets. David was going to plan out exactly how and when he was going to announce if we were going to have a Tobias Benedict or an Anika Belle.

He told me on Saturday that he wasn’t going to be able to announce this weekend and that he wanted it to be perfect. He was going to try and have it all sorted out by my birthday on the 16th, but definitely before my sister and her family go to England next month.

Sunday we got together for my mom’s 77th birthday. Mom’s six kids and their spouses all went out for lunch with mom. Before our food arrived, my sister Mary gave mom her present. It was a family birthday plaque that has each month and then the birthdays for that month hang below. Mary got each of us to write down the names and birth dates for each 20160808_194720.jpgof the people in our family units on little circular labels. David and I were given four tags. I wrote my name and birth date on one, then David’s on the next, then filled out one for Lily. The final one I couldn’t write even a name on because I didn’t know Bee’s name. I looked at David and gave him sad puppy eyes. There was only one person who could write or baby’s name on the tag and was him. Mary said I could just write Bee on the back, and we could fill in the rest later.

After lunch we went back to Mary and Bill’s house where we meet up with my niblings and some of mom’s friends as well as some cousins/aunts/uncle. There were a lot of good visits, and we even had the chance to get pictures taken of each group of niblings and a group photo of all of them. That’s something we haven’t been able to do in about seven or so years.

The other guests slowly made their ways home and we were left with just mom’s family at the house. My sister Becky got out mom’s birthday cake and we all sang happy birthday. Mom opened some cards and then David started playing around with the TV. The Olympics had been on, with the sound off or nearly off, and David switched over to YouTube. This is the video that played…

I can’t tell you at what point I started crying, but my eyes were not dry by the end of the video! I was a little confused about what David had meant by asking for the tag… I wasn’t sure if he meant a hashtag or what. But I asked for the tag and David got up and walked out of the room. I knew exactly what he was getting.

Click image to see the name on the other side

Click image to see the name on the other side

My eyes were swimming with tears as I read the name of my child.

The secret finally revealed! I was so filled with happiness and a sea of emotions I can’t label. It took me a while to find my voice and be able to share Bee’s name with the loved ones who surrounded me. I hugged David, I thanked him, I kissed him and told him I love him. Suddenly our baby felt even more real!

David played a second video, this time with all the “spoilers” bars removed. I thought it was so cool that these people took the time to make these short clips to share our news. It felt so unique and so special! I know it took David a lot of work to organize, but I feel like it was worth it, and I can’t wait to share this part of Bee’s story with her, and show our child these videos.

When we got home, I was physically tired, but my mind was wide awake. We watched an episode of DS9 and then went to bed. After an episode of The Joy Of Painting with Bob Ross, which I watched from beginning to end, very unusual for me, David and I both tried to fall asleep. After thirty minutes, David rolled over, eyes open and looked at me. “I’m wide awake.” He said. “So am I.” I replied. We stayed awake for hours, taking about our baby girl.

You can also read David’s side of the story and he put together a video that includes my reaction.







One thought on “Bee’s Story – Who is BabyBee?

  1. What an amazing way to make the announcement about your baby. I am so glad that it is another little girl, and I am sure that you will be awesome parents. Congratulations and love from your Great Aunt Betty.

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