Bee’s Story – Our Sixteenth Week

img_20160807_233718_039000.pngThis week started off pretty well. On Saturday David and I had a nice quiet day, just taking it easy and enjoying each other’s company. David let me know that he wouldn’t have the gender reveal ready for this weekend. He wanted it to be perfect. I was a little disappointed because I was so excited to start calling Bee by name and it was hard knowing that I could  know, if David just told me. But I also understood. David wanted the reveal to be special, and this was definitely a special connection between him and his baby. So I didn’t make a big deal out of it. Eventually David would let me find out and I was sure he’d do it in a unique and memorable way.

Sunday we got together with my family to celebrate my mom’s 77th birthday and David surprised me with the gender reveal.

You can read my side of the story here if you haven’t already.

Monday I tried to write the gender reveal as part of this blog post, and after writing it all I decided I didn’t want to wait that long to share the news. I really couldn’t wait to start calling Anika by name. I also sent thank you emails to all of the people who made videos for David’s gender reveal. It was so nice of them and I just anted to thank them all personally. I honestly can’t remember anything else about what we did on Monday. Weird.

Tuesday we got to see Anika again! And this time we both knew who she is! She was rolling all around and performing for us. The ultrasound took longer than normal because the OBGYN covering for img_20160815_123853_892000.pngDoctor M had filled out the requisition wrong, and she had me down for an ultrasound that checks the maturity of the baby’s lungs. At 15w3d, Anika would definitely fail that test, even though she was totally healthy. If she failed, we would have to go to the hospital and the ultrasound tech didn’t want to put us through that, so she had to call the doctor that is directly affiliated with the clinic to over ride the original requisition with one that was appropriate for our baby’s gestation. That was a bit of a headache. But the tech was definitely more friendly and talkative than the last one I had. She told me that my cervix looked great, still nice and long with no signs of funneling. She also told me that my placenta is low, and that it was hard to get an accurate measurement because it was thin. She didn’t really explain that, but I decided that because Anika is growing properly and so active, it must not be anything to worry about.

Wednesday morning I got up and drank some water too fast. I made it to the bathroom just in time before I puked for the second time in this pregnancy. It was the first time that ever puked and peed myself. I was pretty upset and embarrassed, but then once I was all cleaned up, I found it so funny! Pregnancy is definitely a unique experience. You really have to let go of a not of narcissism and  pretense and accept that your body (while an amazing temple of life) is flawed, and doesn’t always behave the way you think it should. Parenthood is a very selfless vocation, and birth moms start preparing for that in pregnancy. It’s these little moments of humility…

Once I was done laughing at myself I sat on the couch prepared to work in my latest crochet project, but woke up a few hours later, and realized that my longtime friend Lauren, who I had plans to see for lunch, would be at my place any minute. I wasn’t exactly dressed for an outing, and the intelligent thing to do would have been to get up right then. Instead, I was img_20160815_133403_646000.pngwoken up a short while later by Lauren knocking at my door. Oops!  We went out for lunch and then we did a little yarn shopping. I was looking for very specific colours to work on a blanket I’ll be making for Anika. I couldn’t find what I was looking for there, but it was nice to be up and around for a bit. While we were there I did find some wonderful muslin fabric… But it was pretty pricey and I don’t really know what to do to finish the sides of a fabric blanket, so all I took home was this picture of it. When I got home, it was definitely lie down time!

Thursday morning I had another appointment with the OBGYN covering for Doctor M. David was working, so my sisterEva took me. My appointment was for 8am, crazy early, I know… But we had one of the latest appointments with this doctor last time and we didn’t get out of thee for almost two hours, so when David and I set the appointment we figured if we were the first, then we’d be out of there in a reasonable amount of time. The doctor was almost an hour late, she apologized and said that she didn’t think the clinic started until 9am. She didn’t review my results from my last ultrasound which made me even more thankful that I had had a talkative tech this week), but she did quickly check Anika’s heartbeat. She sounded good, and she was rolling around, but not trying to get away from the Doppler. Then the doc was done! I reminded her that I’ supposed to be going for bi-weekly ultrasounds, and she said that I should already have the requisition for the next one. I explained that I didn’t and she wrote one up for me. The next place my sister and I had to go was the lab so I could get my 16week blood taken (even though I was only 15w5d I was within the range for the test to be done). We waited there for over an hour as well. When I finally got home I decided to call the ultrasound clinic and get that booked before going to lie down. Well, this time the error was caught before I got to the clinic. The lady on the other end of the phone wouldn’t book my ultrasound because the doctor had me down for two tests that aren’t done until the third trimester. I explained that all I was supposed to be getting was a check of my cervical length because of the cerclage. She told me I’d need to get another requisition from the doctor. After 45 minutes on the phone with the hospital, I finally had a nurse tell me that she would get the doctor to fill it out just how I need it and they would fax it over, and she’d call me back as soon as that was done so that I could book my appointment. two hours later, my appointment was booked.

That afternoon I had also gotten news that a friend of mine was going through a tough situation, and my mom was coming to stay with us but she wasn’t feeling so hot. David and I took my mom to the walk in. With all that was going on I was a bit frazzled. Mom only worsened at the walk in. I’m not sure, but I think mom might have suffered another small TIA. It was like a little gremlin was flicking the main power switch in her brain and one moment she was there and annoyed and tired and the next she was just vacant… I also saw the corner of her mouth drooping and she said her hand was numb. We have been through this many times before and she seems to recover better usually at home than in the hospital so I made the decision that we would take her home and monitor her there, give her her meds, and if things got worse we’d take her to the hospital.  I let her sleep, but woke her up around 10pm when she hadn’t gotten up on her own before that to eat dinner. She was a lot more with it when she got up to eat.

Friday morning I tried to call the doctor’s office to get mom seen by her normal doctor but I couldn’t get through. Mom was seeming worlds better which made me wonder if maybe it had been something other than a TIA the evening before. I totally forgot to call the doctor back until that evening. By that time their office was long since closed.

David got the videogame No Man’s Sky today. He has been super excited about it for months. It has been THE game that he has wanted to play, and he even pre-ordered it! His excitement for the game was infectious and it wasn’t long before I was excited to play it too. He called me into his office and showed me the game. He got out his laptop to keep working and told me to go ahead and start playing the game. He helped me figure out the controls and tried to tell me what to look for and what to look out for. At one point I was mining a mineral and this drone robot appeared in front of me. David said “Oh, Shoot!” so I did! and then I was in a fight with the drone! We had agreed to play the game as a peaceful explorer… Oops! David had meant “Oh, shoot, don’t mine in front of the drone or he’ll get angry and attack us so just stand still until he goes away.” I didn’t get that. Anyways, David let me play his new shiny vodeogame that he has been waiting forever for before he played it!

Mom was light years better than the day before and she, David and I went out to dinner with two of my nephews, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock* and Jason. We went to a local restaurant called Earth to Table. They make amazingly delicious bread, and usually we will get a loaf at dinner, but because my stomach is so small right now and my digestion seems to grind to a halt around 7or8pm David didn’t want to get a loaf. I had spaghetti with red sauce, cherry tomatoes, basil and lemon ricotta. It was pretty yummy! I love not having food aversions!

There were a couple of hiccoughs but also some pretty amazing moments this week. I am so glad that David and I have Anika in our lives and that we get to share her, and the joy and love that she brings with so many amazing people.

*This is the name he gave me permission to use.







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