Memorial Tattoos

I am a person who likes tattoos, but I like to take my time with them. I like to come up with an idea and really noodle on it for some time, usually over a year, before I get it. That way I know if it’s a passing phase or something that I really want. I also look at the tattoos I have as a badge of honour, and a beautiful reminder of a place or time in my life. They’re pictures of a me that was.

I have two very special tattoos, I did not follow my rule about noodling on them before I got them. I knew I needed them and I couldn’t get them soon enough. They are my most visible tattoos, and my most meaningful. They aren’t pictures of a me that was but of a me that IS. They’re for my babies that were. They’re my memorial tattoos.

I got the one for Lily less than a week after she was born. David and I went together to a local tattoo artist. We had made a short list of local artists whose styles we liked and we got a good vibe off of him. He was able to fit us in early in the morning and so we went.

lily-memorialIt was easy to choose what to get for Lily. We named her after the character in Harry Potter, Harry’s mother, with sparkling green eyes, who sacrifices herself to save her son, protecting him with the strongest protection, a mother’s love. But there also happens to be a flower hat shares that name. I got a lily with her footprints in the centre of it. It is on my left wrist. The footprints are maybe an inch long from toe to heel. David got her footprints on his left wrist with her name in script above them. Both of us felt that our tattoos were the perfect tribute to our daughter.

With Anika I knew I wanted her footprints. Ianika-memorial wanted a flower and for it to be on my right wrist and to be complimentary to Lily’s. David decided to put his over his heart. We contacted the same artist and he was too booked to take us right away, and we had to wait a month to get it done. But he had done such a good job with our Lily tattoos we decided it was worth the wait. It was a little harder to pick a flower for Anika, but I quickly decided on a morning glory because it’s the flower for September and that’s her birth month.  David again got her name in script above her feet. We both added a little bumblebee because for most of her short life we had called her Bee or BabyBee.

I love my tattoos. I love being able to look at the tiny footprints of my girls whenever I want to. I carry them with me every day and everywhere I go. They are reminders of lives lived and they make me happy in a way I can’t find words to describe.


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