The Grand Adventure Begins!

The car was loaded and I mean loaded with stuff. There was way more than I had anticipated, and we couldn’t have crammed anything else in if we had tried. It was crazy! The ground was wet, and my shoes aren’t even slightly waterproof anymore so my feet were pretty soggy. We started our journey, saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new!

We stopped at Harvey’s for dinner before leaving Guelph. David was so hungry by that point that he was shaking. I was texting with Mary and Sarah trying to make sure that everything was arranged for a quick drop-off in Erin before moving on to Erin. I let David order for me, he said “Wah wah blah wah?” and his voice went up at the end indicating a question, so I nodded yes. After he paid I asked him what I was getting and he looked at me like I was crazy and said I got a burger and onion rings.

We drove to Mary and Bill’s with the box of Christmas gifts on my lap. It was raining by the time we got there, and my feet got soaked just walking from the car to the door. We did a quick round of hi’s and bye’s, and I checked on the urns for our girls, they are displayed with care and respect in a cabinet where they are safe.

wp-1480612180689.jpgI set the GPS up and we drove to Sarah and Nigel’s for the first stop on our Grand Holiday Tour. They set us up in a bright and happy room on a queen sized BYO bed. It’s a very high quality inflatable mattress raised up off the ground. David and I were hesitant at first that our combined weight would be too much for the mattress, but it quite pleasantly proved us wrong. My heart was warmed by the artwork on the wall of our bedroom. The centre painting is a memorial piece that Sarah made for Lily and Anika and it will be coming home with David and I when we have a home of our own again.

wp-1480881162724.jpgI spent Thursday at Sarah and Nigel’s crocheting, writing, watching Netflix and getting to know their cats (Simon who is white and grey and Alex, this shy orange kitty) while Sarah, Nigel and David were all at their respective jobs. After she was done work, one of mine and Sarah’s mutual friends came by and picked me up so that the three of us could go to the One of a Kind show in Toronto. I have gone with them in the past and it’s a fun outing. This year I actually crossed a couple names off my wp-1480881171667.jpgChristmas list while we were there. That felt pretty good! I also saw a bunch of things I’d like to own… Didn’t get anything for me though. I did see a cool thing that I want to try and crochet some day when there are tiny humans in my world again. These grippy balls for babies. They look so neat, and I wish I had snapped some more pictures, but the vendour caught me. While we were out, David and Nigel had a chance to hang out, eat pizza, and get to know each other a little better.

Friday David and I were both at the house. We watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and then Star Trek Generations and First Contact while Sarah and Nigel were out workig and then going to an event in the Distillery District of Toronto. We opted not to go in favour of some much needed quiet time. After dinner we decided to watch a four part cross-over episode of The Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. I was getting close to the end of a crochet project and realized I had made a big mistake just past the mid point of the project that totally threw off the second half and was not easily fixable without “frogging” (ripping out stitches) all the way back to the boo boo. I was frogging away when Sarah and Nigel came home. We visited for a bit before bed and Sarah gave me some baggies and a sharpie so that as I rolled each colour into balls I could keep them organized into numbered baggies.

wp-1480880302627.jpgThe next morning was our last at Sarah and Nigel’s before taking off for Chris and Janette’s (my brother and sister in law’s). Sarah and I went to the store to get some fixin’s for brunch and then she made us some delicious banana french toast and bacon! She even made sure to make me crispy bacon! After brunch I tweaked my back as I tried to move our big suitcase. Because of this, David had to take charge of packing up the car. Sarah let David and I help with decorating their Christmas tree, and as I sat, she moved the tree so that I could put ornaments on.

It wasn’t a long visit, but it was really nice to get to see Sarah and Nigel and it was a great way to start our Grand Holiday Tour.

One thought on “The Grand Adventure Begins!

  1. So beautifully written as always, my beautiful daughter-in-law!
    Your writing is so awesome and inspiring. I awe-striucl by your way of making me feel like I’m right there ‘listening g’ to you describe your thoughts.
    I also think it is so cool that you have a permanent record of your experiences (I remember a time when that was/would have been very scary for most people).
    I love you πŸ’›β€πŸ’œ

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