Our Grand Holiday Tour Again

I’ve fallen behind in my blogging of our travels. I will try to get better.

Last Monday was another dreary rainy morning and we were on the road just after 7am. Bleary eyed and tired we left Chris and Janette’s with the car once again loaded down with things. We got to Guelph for David to go to work, and as soon as I stepped out of the car to give him a hug and a kiss my feet were soaked!

I spent my morning in Starbucks, blogging and enjoying a peppermint mocha. By the time I was ready to leave and meet up with David for lunch my right foot was dry, but my left was still a bit damp. I decided to spend at least part of my afternoon finding footwear that was capable of keeping my feet warmer and dryer. David and I went to a place called Zoup! for lunch. I had a lobster bisque and it was delicious! David had chili. It was nice to have a mid-day lunch date. After that I went to the mall and walked around for a bit, scoping out every place that sold shoes and trying to decide where I would be able to get a good pair of boots for cheap. I walked the whole mall and returned to the first store I had gone to. They had a clearance section and I found a cute pair of boots, they were the last pair of that style in the store and they were my size. They were a wp-1482079030628.jpglittle snug, but I couldn’t beat the price of $40. After trying them on, the sales rep informed me that because they were clearance, they were an additional 30% off. Somehow, after tax and everything they were $28 something.  I left the store wearing my new boots and with my old shoes in the shopping bag. I wandered the mall a bit more before chilling at the Starbucks inside Chapters and playing around on my phone while enjoying a chai latte.

It was around 4pm when my phone dwp-1482082182452.jpgied and I decided I’d head over to David’s work and charge my phone in the car on the way there. I was listening to Christmas music on the radio, and my phone had a bit of a charge so I turned it on so that if David needed to reach me he could. One of my favourite Christmas songs came on and it was a version of the song I hadn’t heard before. I looked at the display and was surprised to see ‘Mary Did You Know – Ceelo Green. I decided to tweet about it because it was so good. I was quite surprised when he tweeted back to me a couple days later, that was pretty cool!

wp-1482079141160.jpgDavid finished work and we headed to my brother Tommy and sister in law Valerie’s house. We were set up in one of my niece’s rooms and she took the basement. We had dinner and visited for a bit before bed. The next day David went off to work and I had the opportunity to go out to lunch with my mom, Mary, Becky, and Val. Then we did some mall walking and I tried on a bunch of shirts, wp-1482079099699.jpglooking for things that were flattering and long enough to cover my bum when I wear leggings. I have a few pairs of leggings and they are SO comfy! But I don’t like how exposed I feel when I wear shirts that are too short or too tight with them. I had a gift certificate for one store in the mall, but I didn’t end up buying anything. I was amused  by how the sales rep spelled my name though.

wp-1482079169940.jpgCecile (Val’s mom) came by and gave me a present and it is going to be a fun part of our travels. I spent pretty much the whole day at the mall because when school was done I took my nephew Nate to buy gifts for his parents and a friend. I was really impressed with his stamina. He picked out his gifts pretty easily, and when he went to purchase the one for his mom, the machine crashed. It looked like it was going to take a while for the sales rep to get it up and running again, so we left to look at other stuff. It took a few tries and us leaving and coming back before I suggested that Nate get some money out of the ATM instead of paying by debit. That worked and the sales rep was really good with Nate, he wanted to make sure he was getting the right change back and the guy turned the screen for Nate to see and walked him through the whole process.

At Tomwp-1482079155123.jpgmy and Val’s we worked on a puzzle I had gotten for Val for her birthday and it was a pretty tricky one. But that night Tommy and I finished it while everyone else was in bed. The next morning we started another one. Val made us breakfast the next morning, and David and I got to spend the morning visiting with her before David went to an appointment with our doctor. Tommy had gone to get the tires fixed on his truck. He got back after David had already left. I spent the afternoon with my nieces working on the new puzzle.

wp-1482079188890.jpgWhen Val got back from work she and I went to her mom’s apartment and I got to see the tree she had put up. Tommy and Val’s tree wasn’t put together yet so I didn’t take a picture of that, but Cecile was happy to add her tree to my collection of Christmas tree pictures from our travels. When we were done at Cecile’s place, Val and I went to the mall again to get some Christmas presents. I had been inspired while out with Nate the day before.

When David got home from work we had dinner and then packed up the car again to go to Mary and Bill’s.





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