Our Grand Holiday Tour Volume 4

Wednesday night we were off to spend a few days with Mary, Bill and my mom. We got there after dinner and got to hang out for a while before bed. Mary, mom and I sat at the dining room table and visited, each of us working on something different. Mom was working on a puzzle, Mary was working on a cross stitch project and I was crocheting. It was a nice time together.

The next day Mary was off from work and thewp-1482251838327.jpg two of us spent a good portion of the day together. Mary was working on her cross stitch, and I was intending to crochet, but instead I ended up brainstorming ideas for stockings Mary could make for me and David. We ate a bunch of M&Ms that were supposed to be part of an icecream sundae kit. Oops! I also helped Mary figure out how to add glasses to her cross stitch of Kaiden.

That night the whole bunch of us (Mary, Bill, Mom, Josh, Jordan, Jason, Mia, David and myself, but not Kaiden because he was in bed) all had icecream sundaes, and they were really good! Even without the M&Ms.

Friday, Mia and I took Kaiden to a follow-up appointment with his eye doctor, he had to have surgery to correct his eyes from turning inward. The doctor wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, he didn’t seem to take much of an interest in Kaiden, not listening to him, and then acting as if Kaiden wasn’t even in the  room as he told Mia that Kaiden’s eyes look great and seem stronger and straighter than the last time he saw him. So all of that was good news!

We went to the mall across the street from the doctor’s office for lunch and to do some Christmas shopping. Kaiden was in an awesome mood for shopping. He is such a chill guy! I love him so much. After shopping we met up with my mom and Jason to do a quick people and car swap and then Mia, Jason, Kaiden and I headed to meet up with David and Jordan for sushi dinner. We went to a place that does all-you-can-eat but that also sells items a-la-carte. David isn’t a fan of sushi so he just wanted to order one serving of beef teriyaki, and the waitress said that he’d have to sit at a different table if he didn’t want all-you-can-eat. So we separated one of the tables about two inches and he sat there. The rest of us had a good amount of food and the visit was nice.

Saturday was Mia’s birthday. She wanted to stratosspend the day playing boardgames. David had gone by our storage unit and picked up Stratos and Ticket to Ride for us all to play. Josh, Jordan, Mia, David and I played a round of Stratos and none of us had played it before. David and I picked it up at Comicon Niagara. It’s a pretty dynamic game with many variations of play.  Mia didn’t make it through the whole game, so when Jordan died he took over playing for her. After that Mia, Jordan, myself and two  friends played a round of Ticket to Ride.

wp-1482085591419.jpgWhen that was done David and I left to go to see the Steel City Rovers play in Waterdown as part of their Winter Tidings tour. David took pictures of the band, and the drummer played a caribou antler during their rendition of the Huron Christmas Carol. The show was great and seeing the band is quickly becoming one of our annual holiday traditions. The lead singer, Ryan, just happens to be my cousin Heather’s man. So I also got to see Heather and her parents and my great Aunt at the show. My niece Hannah was there too, and looking quite lovely I might add!

When we got back to the house, David went to bed and I stayed up far too late playing a far too funny game of Telustrations with the famjam.

wp-1482267690185.jpgThe whole time we were there, Kaiden loved Dancing Santa! He even sang a little song to Dancing Santa. He would wander around with the toy and loved watching it dance in the light. It was really cute! On Saturday morning I helped Kaiden build a fort for Dancing Santa in the living room using blankets. He had fun crawling through Dancing Santa’s house and giving Dancing Santa time to rest.

I had some PCOS pain on my right side, it felt like a cyst had ruptured. And I ended up lying on the couch with heating pads and pain killers while David got us ready to go to Kingston.

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