Our Grand Holiday Tour Volume 5

Okay, I really haven’t been good aboutwp-1482079373304.jpg chronicling our journey. On the morning of December 11th we got the car all packed up and headed to Kingston. And by that I mean David packed and drove us to Kingston. We tried to stay ahead of the weather and ahead of the traffic as driving through Toronto can be absolutely terrible. It wasn’t our worst drive, but we did hit some slow downs and the weather definitely caught up to us. When we got to town, David’s mom had dinner ready for us. We had some time to visit before bed, and we even got to see one of David’s cousins, Kyle, before heading to bed.

It’s been a while since all this happened, so I’m fuzzy on the details. I’m a little annoyed at myself that I didn’t make the time to write this sooner. We stayed at Brenda’s for a week. Kyle lives in the basement apartment and works evenings, so during the day while Brenda was at work, David and I got to visit with Kyle, and then in the evenings we visited with Brenda while Kyle was working. Most nights David picked Kyle up after his shift was done at eleven.

wp-1483387285120.jpgI spent a lot of time watching X-Files while crocheting, working like mad to finish Christmas presents. I made a throw blanket for Aunt Nan and her fiancee Jim and another for my niece for Secret Santa. I had finished Nan and Jim’s while I was at Mary and Bill’s but I needed to wash it, trim the loose ends, and wrap it. Then I focused on finishing the one for Mia, and when I was done I was so used to having my hands moving I decided to start on a granny square throw made of the leftovers from the two blankets. My plan when I finish that one is to sell it.

Kyle and I played a couple of rounds of Ticketwp-1482079392374.jpg to Ride Europe and both times he beat me. I was happy that he was willing to play with me because it’s one of my favourite games and David won’t play it with me. The games Kyle and I played were close! And I thought I had him beat the second time, but he just managed to squeak past me. It was a lot of fun to work out a strategy and try to complete as many routes as possible, and we didn’t really get in each other’s way too much. I think if I play one on one again, I might try to get on the other person’s way more, just to spice it up and see how it changes the outcome.

wp-1482079816414.jpgDavid had a job interview at a place in Kingston while we were there, and they liked him enough to ask him back for a second interview. Our plans for traveling the world were slowed down by a lack of reliable online work, so David has been applying like crazy for places online and near my family and near his. We are both excited about the idea of relocating to Kingston, even if it’s a different type of excitement compared to traveling the world.

I took some time to chat online with La who is living in England now I took pictures to show her how much snow we had here. She told me it was kind of cold there but there was no snow. She is doing so well with her reading and typing skills. I love her and miss her so much.

We had dinner with David’s cousin Mark and his wife Leah as well. They made us perogis and salad, and it was really good to see them. We discussed playing D&D together via the mighty Internet, and we also talked about the possibility of us moving to Kingston. They seemed petty okay with that idea.

Brenda got her place ready for Christmas wp-1482080626726.jpgand then got the supplies needed to make some fancy Christmas chocolates. When David was much younger his mom had a store where she sold chocolates and candies that she made, so she had a bunch of molds to use. She made one of my favourite treats: Cherry Cordials! David and I made some Christmas themed chocolates. He made a bunch in the few hours we were doing this and I made three chocolate roses with candy cane bits in them and four chocolate lollipops that said Merry Christmas with a Christmas tree on them. I was very slow at making the chocolates, but I was pleased with how they turned out. It was a special experience and felt like I was looking through a window into David’s past.

Brenda invited us to go with her to a Christmas party with her coworkers and their families towards the end of the week. As Brenda parked the car I heard the announcer say something about a blackout covering most of Kingston. I mentioned that to her and David and the three of us looked around for evidence of either a power outage or power on. The buildings near us seemed to have light so we proceeded in to the party venue but when we got inside it became clear that the power was out. So, no party for us. We went to East Side Mario’s for dinner instead. It was nice to visit, just the three of us over the meal. At the table next to us was a baby who was probably close to a year old and very social. I enjoyed watching David make faces and interact with the baby. My heart hurts that I can’t watch him do that with our own kids.

On Sunday we packed up and headed to Nan and Jim’s…


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