Our Grand Holiday Tour Volume 6

It snowed a lot while we were at Brenda’s and David had done a lot of the driving when we were there, so I offered to drive from Brenda’s to Nan and Jim’s. Brenda’s driveway is sloped, because the way the house was designed the garage is in the basement, that’s a fine design for most of the year, but I don’t think that slope makes sense for a Canadian winter. And, yes, that conclusion is based solely on my inability to get our car out of the driveway. With some help from neighbours and David in the driver’s seat, we were moving! I got back in the driver’s seat to get us to Nan and Jim’s.

Nan and Jim live just outside of town and it’s a nice drive to get there. We got to congratulate them in person on their engagement and talked wedding details for a little while.


Dancing Santa enjoying the pre-show.

On Monday we went with Kyle and Serina to see Rogue One. It was GOOD! I really enjoyed it in spite the use of CG to recreate Grand Moff Tarkin. I like how this movie seems to make sense of the plot holes in the original Star Wars (A New Hope) and I like the immediacy of the movie and the way it strays from some of the usual Star Wars tropes. It was fun seeing the movie with Kyle and Serina. I was expecting a bit more excitement from them before the movie because COME ON! IT’S STAR WARS!! But they both genuinely seemed to enjoy the movie. Serina even went to see it again later in the week!

David had another interview for the job in wp-1483460821650.jpgKingston and while he was out I worked on crocheting and watching X-files. I ended up making friends with one of the fuzzy residents of that house. Lucy followed me around all day and even cuddled on my lap for a nap. I had almost forgotten how much I love kitty cuddles and the feeling of gentle purring. It was nice to have her as my buddy. In the evening David and I started looking at what was available in the rental market, since the possibility of us moving to Kingston instead of traveling the world seemed to be worth considering.

We went out with Nan I think on Wednesdaywp-1483460797675.jpg and David and I had time just the two of us while Nan went to some appointments. So we got to wander around Kingston. We went to Starbucks so that I could have a nice warm beverage and then we went to Cobb’s Bread, David had never been there before. We then wandered through Best Buy and Jysk, then Nan picked us up and we wandered around the old downtown area. David told me stories of places he used to go to often when he was living in Kingston, showing me different shops and restaurants that were good. After that, Nan met up with us again and the three of us went to red lobster for lunch. It was really nice and something pretty special since we haven’t ever gone out just the three of us before. We talked about all sorts of stuff and I loved hearing Nan sounding so excited about her wedding. Jim made us some wonderful salmon for dinner and it was fantastic! He did it on the barbecue in spite of all the snow on the back deck.

I can’t remember if it was Thursday or Friday that we went Christmas shopping with Kyle at the mall while Nan and Serina ran around and did some other errands, but I do remember that the mall was insanely busy! So much so that Nan and Serina couldn’t get back to the mall to pick us up so we ended up walking from the mall to the Loblaws. It was hovering around wp-1483460781276.jpgzero, but the wind was biting! And silly me didn’t bring a coat, just a hoodie. We walked across the parking lot and all three of us commented on the melting snow and the rivers and lakes it created. We fought with traffic over to another store where Serina ran in to grab one last thing while the rest of us headed to Kyle’s so that  he could get ready for work. We went back and picked her up and then dropped Kyle off at work.

I forgot to mention that Friday morning I got wonderful kitty cuddles again.

Christmas Eve was a nice easy day for us, and when Kyle was done work David and I went and picked him up. He and Brenda stayed at Nan and Jim’s with us that night and the next morning Mark and Leah showed up early so that we could all do Christmas morning together. We had cinnamon rolls and opened our stockings and then Serina handed out the gifts. When gifts were done David, Mark, Leah, Kyle and I played a game of Carcasonne, and then – because the turkey cooked faster than Nan had expected – we were able to enjoy a very early Christmas dinner with the family. It was my first time actually being able to do Christmas dinner with them and that was wonderful!

Mark was kind enough to offer David and I to stay in his apartment in Toronto that night so after turkey and watching Serina play with her drone for a bit, we said our goodbyes and hit the road. We weren’t on the highway very long before we realized we’d forgot a few things, but it was too late to turn back. We took the scenic route to Mark’s building because Google Maps didn’t give us enough warning to cross six lanes of traffic, but in the end we got there, stopped for our traditional Christmas dinner of Chinese food, and then settled in for the night, watching the Doctor Who Christmas special and just having a quiet evening just the two of us.

It was wonderful to spend such a good amount of time with David’s family.



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