Our Grand Holiday Tour The Final Volume

I keep meaning to write this but I haven’t and I’m sorry.

On boxing day we drove from Mark’s apartment to my home town. On the way we stopped for pies. My sister in law, Val, had sent a message to the family to let us know that we should drive carefully because it was icy. We didn’t have any trouble with ice until we got to my home town. I turned off one of the main streets and slid for quite a while, and I was a bit worried about hitting one (or both) of the pedestrians walking in the middle of the street. When we turned onto Becky and Denis’s street, there was a kid skating… Like actually skating. Ice skating, wearing ice skates… On the road!

We were the first to arrive and so we had some time to get our stuff ready to move in for the next week or so, and organize presents, there were some issues with misplaced labels. Then the rest of the family started arriving. It’s a pretty big crew and dinner and pants took up most of the time. But I have did get some good conversations in and there was plenty of joy and laughter.

On the 27th David was supposed to hear back from the job he’d been interviewing for in Kingston, but that didn’t happen. We headed to Chris and Janette’s for our annual Lord of the Rings marathon. It was a great day and David and Hannah worked together to make lambas bread. One of Janette’s nieces who comes every year usually makes it, but she didn’t have the time this year. It was great seeing her as it always is. This year Jordan, Steph and Jill showed up for part of the marathon, but they missed The Fellowship.

wp-1485444842164.jpgI played with a puzzle that Becky got for Christmas. It was ridiculously hard! There was really not very much contrast or colour variation. Jordan and Becky had started the puzzle and I also recruited Steph and Jill to help with it for a bit. I don’t know if it ever got finished! Becky isn’t a puzzle person, which I find weird, since so much of our family love puzzles.

On the 30th we went to the memorial for Janette’s nephew. He was only 27 and had been married for 6 months when he passed away very suddenly. As I listened to his father and friends and loved ones speak and saw images from his short life projected on the screen it definitely sparked in me grief over Lily and Anika and I understood on another level what I already knew: it’s not right for parents to outlive their children. I also felt so much for his young wife. I can’t imagine losing David, I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be for her to have lost her loving husband after only six months. As my brother played guitar as sang a beautiful song that she had requested, I held David’s hand so tightly and just let the tears flow. I am so glad that we went to show our support for their family, even though I wish there hadn’t been the need to.

David and I opted for a quiet New Year’s,wp-1485443488629.jpg just the two of us, while Becky, Denis and Nate went to Tommy and Val’s. David and I watched Kubo and the Two Strings as well as Trolls and the first Back to the Future. Kubo was very good but also SAD! Trolls was cute, and I (of course) loved singing along. And Back to the Future is a classic and a favorite. I picked Becky, Denis and Nate up after we all rang in 2017. We actually didn’t count it down or anything. I just happened to glance at my phone at about ten past midnight. We wished each other a happy new year and shared a quick peck and then returned to watching Back to the Future. I usually like to be with friends and or family and celebrate New Years all social in a party type mood, but believe it or not, I really liked spending the evening the way we did this year! It was really nice to be just the two of us and to let 2016 quietly fade into 2017.

On New Year’s Day we watched the other two Back to the Future movies. David was visibly stressed about the whole job thing. He was applying like crazy to whatever he could find and I could tell that he was feeling desperate, especially having no word from the place in Kingston.

On the third, Tuesday, the call came from the job in Kingston, it turned out that they hadn’t given up on David. They were not going to make a decision without a couple more people talking to the candidates. David spoke with them on Wednesday, and on Thursday he was offered the job, and he was to start on Monday. So that was fast!

wp-1485446992234.jpgOn Wednesday we packed up from Becky and Denis’s and headed back to Mary and Bill’s to spend some time with them and my mom before moving to Kingston. Mary gave me a job to do. She and I had previously discussed her making cross stitch Christmas stockings for David and me. I’d given her lots of ideas that I found online and she wasn’t sure how to scale them for this project so she asked me to sketch them out to scale. And so I started. It was a lot of fun and sometimes quite challenging! When we left on Sunday for Kingston I hadn’t gotten all the bits sketched so I took some of the paper with me to work on them here.

wp-1485447388284.jpgThursday, Mia helped me put new bright colour in my hair, the bright purple and blue I had my hair dresser put in back in October had faded quite a bit. I used Manic Panic Amplified in Ultra Violet. I have to say, that the immediate effect was pretty great!
But after less than a month I’m pretty disappointed. It shed a lot of colour… on my skin, on my clothes and pillowcase, and in the shower and now it’s as if I never used it. The pictures here are of the day I did it and I was genuinely stoked at what it looked like then. I put it all over my hair and the unbleached hair had a wonderful deep purple glow to it that I loved.

Friday night we had a very quickly thrown together See You Soon gathering at a pub in my home town. The turn out was far more than David and I had expected and it was nice to get his and well wishes from so many. I felt bad Fur the waiter, but he hangs all of us amazingly well. It was a fantastic night.

Saturday I got to spend the day with my oldest and dear friend, Aim. We hung out at her place and chatted a fair bit. I was helping her organize and pack. She and her husband and their daughter will be moving in February, so I wanted to help them to get ready for that since I know how much moving can suck. We also did a little running around to get warm beverages.

There were a few tears as we said goodbye on Sunday morning. We packed up the car and gave a round of hugs and then we were on our way to our next chapter. Our first stop was to visit a couple of friends in Toronto for brunch. The food was good, the company was better! They are great people and we don’t see them near enough. After brunch we gave hugs and says our good-byes. Next stop: Kingston.



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