Wow! It’s been a while!

It really has been far too long since I wrote a blog post. So much has happened.

David and I cut our world tour short, we settled in Kingston pretty soon after Christmas. David got a job working for Innovate Kingston and we stayed with his mom, Brenda and then with Aunt Nancy and Jim for a bit while we sorted out a more permanent living arrangement. We ended up finding a beautiful apartment which has since become home. I briefly worked for a clothing store at a local mall before starting work with an organisation called 1 Million Teachers making learning modules to train teachers in developing nations. After I started there David was let go from Innovate Kingston, right around the same time I got accepted to the Pre-Behavioural Psychology program at SLC. David hit the ground running and actually worked two jobs for a bit while I worked on 1MT stuff and started my first semester at the college.

We are doing pretty well right now. I’m pulling in marks in the 90s at school with a few 100%. I’m loving my program and I am looking forward to continuing into the four year Honours Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology program next year. My end goal is to become a certified counsellor and work with individuals and families who have suffered the loss of a child or children, especially pregnancy and infant loss. Ideally I’d work in conjunction with the labour and delivery ward at the local hospital.

Right now school is on strike, so that kind of puts a wrench in things. I’m hopeful that the strike will be over soon.

While I have been busy with school, it left David with a fair amount of free time and he started a YouTube channel where he plays video games. He’s developing a following and even more importantly, he’s having fun. If you feel so inclined, please go check it out! I even make an appearance or two, playing Cities Skylines.

Living in Kingston has been a bit of an adjustment, I’m not used to being so far from my family and friends. I definitely miss my people. It’s been really nice having the time with my in-laws. This summer we got to go to Mark and Leah’s wedding celebration, and then to Nan and Jim’s wedding a couple of months later. Both were such wonderful experiences!

My family has also been pretty good at visiting, and that has made the transition easier as well, and kept the homesickness mostly at bay.

I’m going to try and get better at blogging again… But for now I’m going to get back to working on a project for school (It’s a positivity portfolio for my stress management class).

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