The Green Light

On Tuesday David and I made the long trek to Toronto again. It was weird to know that this was the last time we’d be going to that hospital until I reach 12 weeks of pregnancy. I wasn’t nervous at all… I had a couple questions for Doctor A, but they weren’t huge things and I wasn’t too concerned.

IMG_20180320_212533_638000.pngThe drive into the city was one of the easiest we’ve had, in all the times we’ve gone to this hospital, and we made pretty good time. I made a list of the ETA’s from Google maps and we got to the hospital about 10 minutes before the first ETA we had as we were leaving Kingston. Pretty spiffy!

We went to Fran’s for breakfast because my appointment wasn’t until 11. The food was good, the walk was nice after sitting in the car for so long.

Once we got back to the hospital it didn’t take too long to be called into a exam room. I was instructed to undress from the waist down, and wear a sheet. Fun wow. Then David and I sat in the tiny room for what seemed like a super long time waiting for Doctor A. When she finally came in she greeted us with friendly smiles, which continued to help me feel that this was going to be a good visit. She asked how I was feeling and I told her I was feeling pretty good. I mentioned my “lightning crotch” sensation and she said that she hears similar things from pretty much every patient, and that they used to worry that it meant they had nicked the bowels, but after investigating several patients they realised it’s just from disturbing the area and that it gets better with time. She did say that they had to excise a good amount of scar tissue likely caused by my infection and that could have caused the zappy feeling to be more pronounced than in other patients. I also mentioned that when I check cervical height for fertility monitoring it feels different. She wasn’t concerned at all.

She checked my incision sites, and said they all looked good, she pressed on my belly to make sure everything felt good and that there were no areas causing pain, and all was good. She could have done that with my pants on instead of a sheet… But whatever, at least the room was warm this time.

She asked us about our plans, and we filled her in that we want to try naturally and she was good with that, she did say that if we decide to do fertility treatments again to let the doctor know about the TAC and that we should avoid having multiples and that they have to be careful about not dilating my cervix to do things like IVF (which can be cone without cervical dilation). She also said that if I end up losing a baby before the 12 week mark to be careful not to do anything that could dilate my cervix like drugs to start contractions or a regular D&C, she said that if I went back to that hospital in that condition they would do an ultrasound assisted D&C to make sure not to harm the suture. She asked if I was on a prenatal and I told her I’m just taking a regular multivitamin with a bit of folate in it and she seemed okay with that.

At that point I asked point blank if we’re ready to start trying and she said yes. There’s nothing holding us back now except finding the right timing. And if we get our BFP (Big Fat Positive) we should call her office as well as Doctor C’s. And we’ll be calling my regular doctor as well for care until 12 weeks.

I am hopeful to see what the future holds for us. I feel like we are as prepared as we can be.

So that’s where we’re at. If you want to see how my scars are healing, you can click the link below.

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