Patience… Answers and More Questions

Firstly, I hate waiting. I’m not patient, especially when it comes to questions and answers. But here I am, waiting.This morning Malcolm and I drove to Ottawa so that I could have a hysterosonographic contrast sonogram done. It has to be done between days 6-12 of the cycle and today was day 10 of mine. Dr M2 is on vacation this week which is why we had to go to Ottawa.

The fertility clinic there was pretty busy and HUGE! They have several doctors at that practice and it’s on more than one floor of the medical building.

Because of my specific set of circumstances I have had the unique opportunity to see how many different hospitals/clinics handle patients and the disclosure of information, especially ultrasounds. Hospitals seem the most strict where they won’t let you see anything and they won’t tell you anything either. Some clinics will let you take a look at the ultrasound screen after they have run all their tests, some will tell you what they found, some will let you see and know everything. The clinic today was the last type.

The ultrasound tech called my name and guided me down a long hallway past a lot of doors. She led we to a cubicle where I could change. The cubicle dosed with a curtain and at the other end was a door to the ultrasound room. It looked like 2 cubicles open to each ultrasound room. The tech went over my history with me and_then she went to go get the doctor. My file was on the computer screen with information about my fertility journey so far, and my pregnancies and losses with Lily and Anika. They even used my girls names.

When the tech came back in she brought the doctor with her._ He introduced himself, but I can’t remember his name. I was surprised to see that he looked a bit like my cousin. He wasn’t unfriendly, but he wasn’t friendly either. The procedure was uncomfortable and I closed my eyes to find my happy place. After a while Dr ? asked me to roll onto my side because they were having a hard time seeing my left fallopian tube. At that point I opened my eyes and I was suprized to see my uterus up on a screen I previously hadn’t noticed. I realized at that point that if I’d opened my eyes sooner I could have seen the whole thing. I watched saline solution bubble out the end of my fallopian tube and then as the tech moved the ultrasound sensor I could see my TAC. That was cool.

When the procedure was over, Dr ? told we that my fallopian tubes are nice and clear and that my uterus looked okay aside from a polyp. He didn’t seem too concerned about it and compared it to a skin tag and said that it would be easy to remove. He said Dr M2 will discuss it more at my follow-up on August 20th. I have to admit that the idea of waiting and then sedating a new procedure and then waiting and then doing it and then waiting to recover just sounds awful to me.

I don’t know how important it is to remove the polyp. I don’t know how I will deal with having yet another operation done. I don’t even know if it can be done with my TAC. All I know is that for now I have no choice but to wait.

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