Uterine Polyp with a TAC – Part 2: The Surgery

Friday morning we woke up at our regular time. I was hungry, but because of the timing of the surgery I couldn’t eat or drink anything. I got dressed into comfy clothes and we drove to the hospital. We were supposed to be there for 10am but we were about half an hour early.

The hospital was nice and fairly modern but still managed to look and feel exactly like a hospital. We didn’t have to wait long at all before they took me to a bed and hooked up an IV. While I was getting all situated Malcolm was in the waiting room. Dr M2 went and sat beside him and started telling him that the surgery went well… He cut her off, confused. She quickly realized her mistake and apologized! She recognized him, which was good, but had matched him to the wrong partner.

Malcolm was allowed to come in and wait with me. The hospital staff were good about giving me warm blankets, and before too long Dr M2 and the rest of the surgical team were coming over to talk to us about what to expect. They were all very friendly and calm. Dr M2 apologized for her earlier confusion, and we all shared an easy laugh. The resident who would be assisting introduced herself and asked if I had any questions, I said I was curious to see the tools they would be using and she said she’d see what she could do. The anesthesiologist talked with me about my history. He said that while they can do this procedure with a local anesthetic, because of my TAC I was going to be put under with general. They didn’t want to risk me twitching or something and having that impact my TAC.

I was taken to the OR and saw the team again. They discussed the particulars of the surgery and the resident apologized to me that they weren’t able to show me the instruments because they were still wrapped up. She described them to me and explained that the hysteroscope was long and flexible and reminded her of a bendy straw, and the scissors they were going to be using were “nearly microscopic”.

The anesthesiologist told me that he was starting the drugs to knock me out, the first one was too make me feel calm and the second would put me to sleep, but it might make my hand hurt a bit (as it went through the IV). I took deep breaths through the oxygen mask with my eyes closed and it felt like my left had was swelling, I opened my eyes and glanced over to see that it was normal sized and I was out.

I woke up and accused the surgical team of being strangers in my bedroom and then demanded McDonald’s. Apparently I was quite funny and they went to get Malcolm. Dr M2 let him know that they were able to remove the whole polyp and also removed “a few small calcifications”. She assured him that now I have a healthy looking uterus. The scope went in with no resistance so that means that it didn’t put any strain on my TAC.

She told me that I might have bleeding for as long as a week, but since I was already a week into my period, I wasn’t too surprised by that. I felt a bit tender, but it really wasn’t bad at all. I was more hungry and thirsty than anything. They had me under observation for a little while, and then we were free to go. The nurse offered me a wheelchair but I was good to walk. Malcolm went to bring the car around and then the nurse walked out with me.

My throat was a little sore and I had a raw spot on the inside of my lip probably both from the breathing tube. But on the whole I felt good. I was conscious about not doing too much, so after eating lunch I went to lie down for a while. That night I was able to go to the store with Malcolm and I felt pretty good, but afterwards I lied down again because I wanted to heal as much as possible before the wedding the next day.

The next morning, Malcolm and I got up and started getting together everything we needed for the wedding. I felt pretty normal! I wore loose sweatpants and a button up shirt that way I could wear my dress for as short a time as possible.

Malcolm was the best man, and he dropped me off at his aunt and uncle’s before going off to fulfill his best manly duties. I got my makeup on and Aunt Nancy helped me with my hair. Driving to the wedding I felt good and sitting for the ceremony I was pretty comfortable.

Malcolm’s brother and his wife had a lovely outdoor wedding, with their children standing as part of the wedding party. There were plenty of tears but also smiles and laughter.

We went inside for the reception and the hall was beautifully decorated. I had originally been committed to helping with the decorations but surgery had to change my plans… They did a really good job, and I was happy that it looked so nice for the happy couple.

Dinner was a buffet and walking through the buffet line was no problem at all! I got a lot of food and it was delicious. I ate a bit too much…

I danced to a slow song or two with Malcolm and started feeling a little sore. My lightning crotch sensations were coming back, and my dress was quite uncomfortable. I made a quick exit to the car to grab my more comfy clothes and changed in the washroom. Sitting and watching the celebrations allowed me to feel more comfortable and also let me have some good conversations.

The wedding was lovely, and I was so glad I got to go and my recovery barely got in the way at all.

I felt fine for the post wedding lunch the next day and I wore a very comfy dress that allowed me not to have to worry about pressure on my belly at all.

The pain post surgery was quite comparable to period cramps, with the addition of the lightning crotch pain that I have described as feeling like shocks from a nine volt battery. Lying down or sitting, and wearing loose clothing were definitely appreciated and helped me to feel better, tight clothing and being on my feet would make me feel worse after a time. But as far as all of the procedures I have had done, polyp removal is pretty low on the pain scale.

I had a little bit of spotting the day of the surgery, and then nothing the day after except after I had been dancing then I had a bit of spotting, but sitting down and putting my feet up and wearing sweatpants fixed that. The next day there was no blood at all. On the Monday after surgery I was up doing laundry and walking about and on Tuesday I went to the Ripley’s Aquarium with Malcolm, my brother in law and my sister in law. Being active led to more period type bleeding but no pain.

I am hopeful that the pathology report comes back clear on the 10th and that we will be able to put this whole thing into the past and move forward.

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